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Unarmed Security Guard

Security License and Courses

Courses to renew or gain your unarmed security guard license. Get training from top professionals and start making money as an security guard in just 1 week!

  • Level 1 License

Armed Security Guard

Professional Security Guard Training

Looking to start your career as an armed security guard? Maybe just looking to renew your current license. Our classes can get you started today!

  • Level II License
  • Level III License

Tactical Courses

Concealed Weapons Courses

Courses for self-defense & concealed weapons permit. Advanced weapons courses taught by top instructors.                     

  • Concealed Weapons Course

California Security Guard Training & License

Start Your Career As A California Security Guard

For years, people looking to begin a career in the California security industry have been training and finding jobs through our many conveniently located Security Guard Exchange centers. If you feel like now’s the time to pursue your security license in the state of California, call us today to see how we can help. It’s our goal to get you trained and ready for a professional security job in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

We offer a wide variety of classes to both security professionals as well as civilians ranging from armed and unarmed security licensing to concealed weapons permitting to tactical training. Our centers take pride in offering the best instruction in California and you can rest assured when you sit for one of our classes you’ll graduate with the most well-rounded, cutting-edge education available. The instructors at all the Security Guard Exchange centers have years of experience and are highly-trained in imparting their security knowledge in a practical, understandable way.

Whether your goal is to become an armed security guard, a personal protection officer or simply add a few additional security courses to your resume, we can help. Our class schedules are varied and we’ve got several locations all throughout California to make it easier than ever to get registered and graduate quickly. We understand that your main goal is to get certified so you can get to work and we’re eager to help.

All of our graduates receive access to our extensive California security jobs board as well as our exclusive job placement services. We have great relationships with some amazing California employers and they expect world-class security professionals from our centers. Why not take the next steps towards earning a stable, good-paying career in the security industry and call a Security Guard Exchange center today? There’s no better time than now to make the right move for you and your family’s future.

California is a great place to begin or continue your security training and there’s a Security Guard Exchange center near you waiting for your call. If you’ve still got questions about licensing or which classes to take, give us a call and let one of our security professionals walk you through the process. We’re here to get you on the right track in the security field and get you the kind of education you can be proud to have.

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