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San Bernardino Security Guard Training

Individual Courses

Guard Card Level I Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(8 Hour Course)
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Guard Card Level II Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
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Guard Card Level III Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
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Firearms Permit

Armed Security Guard License
(14 Hour Course)
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Combo Courses

No Combo Courses

San Bernardino is the capital of California’s “Inland Empire” and ranks as one of the biggest cities in the state. This city is growing fast which means new professional opportunities abound so if you live or work in the San Bernardino area and have been thinking about exploring the security field, call us today. We can talk to you about everything from getting your license to looking for jobs and get you on the path to beginning an exciting new career in security.

San Bernardino’s Security Guard Exchange center is all about quality training, as all Security Guard Exchange facilities are. Our highly-trained and experienced instructors ensure you’re prepared to hit the ground running with your new security job and you’ve satisfied all the state requirements for working in the security industry. Whether you aim to become an unarmed or armed security guard, a personal protection agent, or even to earn your CCW, our classes can get you there.

Local Training Center in San Bernardino, CA

There are a lot of great places to work here in San Bernardino and the security industry is growing right along with the city. Working for the government is a great option here as it’s the fastest growing sector but there’s also a lot of need within the private and public industry as well. Whether your goal is to work for the school district, the hospital system or even down on Hospitality Row, we can get you licensed and set up with a quality employer faster than you ever thought possible. It’s our mission to ensure you land a fulfilling, good-paying security job when and where you want in San Bernardino, and we’d like to start now.

Our classes are reasonably priced and offered at various times throughout the week and day to provide you no resistance to your security goals. If you’ve got questions about which classes are right for you and how to file for your California security licenses, give us a call – we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. And don’t forget that all our graduates have access to our San Bernardino security job board as well as full-scale job placement services to ensure you get matched up with the right employer sooner rather than later.

Get started in the exciting, fast-paced security industry today…our San Bernardino security professionals are ready and waiting to help! Give us a call and get off on the right foot in a rewarding security career.