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California Concealed Weapons Permit & Training

Security Guard Exchange doesn’t just offer professional security training, we offer classes for civilians as well. In addition to our self-defense and tactical training courses one of our most popular offerings are our Concealed Weapons Permit and Training classes. If you want to own a gun in the state of California you’ve got to complete a state mandated training class and we can help you satisfy all the legal requirements. Call a Security Guard Exchange center near you today to get started.

Some CCW and Concealed Weapons Training courses can be completed in as little as four hours and cover all the basics of responsible gun ownership. Our classes touch on topics like safe gun handling and maintenance, liability and legal issues and of course, marksmanship. You’ll even spend time shooting on a local California gun range to work on accuracy and safety skills. It’s important to us that when you graduate one of our concealed weapons training classes you have the most practical, well-rounded instruction available to ensure you carry and handle your weapon the right way. Rest assured our instructors are the best in the business so you’ll never be far from quality California Concealed Weapons instruction.

Concealed Weapons Training

Once you graduate you’ll gain access to our security job board and job placement services in case you’re looking to explore the great opportunities in California security. Whether you’re looking to earn your CCW for personal or professional reasons, when you leave one of our classes you’ll be fully prepared for anything that comes your way. Quality instruction is what sets our facilities apart and that extends all the way to our civilian classes as well.

Call us today to find out more about which CCW concealed weapons training course is right for you and learn how to apply for your California concealed weapons permit. We’ll help you along every step of the way and make sure you satisfy all the state’s requirements as well as learn how to handle a weapon safely and effectively. When you decide it’s time to earn your concealed weapons permit and you’d like to get started, give us a call. We’re here to help and you’ll be surprised how simple and easy it is to earn your California CCW.

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